The fruit of what Christ does among us is seen in the lives that are changed

Successful outcomes, every time.

Jesus never fails. When you make Him the Lord of your life, He always accomplishes the changes that form you into His image.


"Right from the beginning after I came to know the Lord in India, I have seen his hand completely work in my life through this ministry. I have been listening and growing under the spiritual
leadership of my Pastor. God blessed my job and my family, and he has protected us and kept us safe in every area of our life. 

Every promise that we received through the mouth of the servant of God our Bishop came to pass in our lives. I would like to say I would never be enjoying all this blessings today if not for the great guidance that I received through this ministry. I would like to glorify God for that.
Thank you Jesus."

Kavisha Gahan

New Jersey
"I am very grateful to God on every sphere of my life. My life is not the same that it was before knowing
Jesus. We moved to US soon after I joined church due to my husband's role and after few months my
daughter was born here, it was God's grace since we moved here in last few weeks of delivery only. I
was still on my maternity leave and was paid in full even few months after the leaves expired. 

Life is so beautiful and peaceful with the knowledge and partnership with God. Even now in the midst of all chaos, we are at peace knowing our God is a faithful one! Amen!"

Soorya Teja

"We're attending church for quite sometime now. 

In one of the prayers Pastor spoke from promise that
we'll be parents soon. 
We are delighted to announce the same. 

To God be all the glory."

We Have Seen Miracles

Our Story

I started my journey in Christ in 2005. From my childhood I was very insecure and fearful. My cousin introduced me to Christ and that fear never turned back and I have never been the same.

This ministry taught me about the salvation and protection I have in Christ. After I was just out of college and I received continuous prayer support and teaching in every stage since then.

Today I am a Senior Vice President in a leading bank in the US and I cannot even imagine if this could
ever happen without Jesus.

Medical Miracles

I have seen many uncommon miracles in my life.I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst which supernaturaly disappeared after pastor prayed for me; the medical report confirmed the same. 

My son had to undergo a heart surgery where doctors had said he would need a pacemaker.
Our Bishop was in Israel at that time. From there he connected with me and prayed for my son. Later doctors did some check and confirmed
a unique heart structure for my son where it has a inbuilt mechanism which works as a pacemaker and hence no pace maker is required. God
is wonderful.

Meena Sundaram

Sowing in this ministry has also blessed me financially.I have got promotions and pay hikes even during 2008 recession when other people were losing jobs. Over my career I have had sudden salary corrections which awed people around me. Even during this COVID-19
situation, when people are talking about paycuts, I received a promotion.


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